Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Silent Partner work?

Silent Partner utilizes Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC), which senses the snoring sound and emits a counter sound, to cancel the undesirable one. Silent Partner relies on the physics of sound waves. Every sound is characterized by pressure waves, which have specific amplitudes and frequencies. The amplitude of a wave measures its height above its base position and the frequency measures how many waves pass a point within a certain space of time.


A noise-cancellation device, like the Silent Partner, emits a sound wave with the same amplitude but at an inverted phase to the original sound. So if the snore wave looked like a bumpy line, the counter sound would overlay the snore wave with its bumps in between the bumps of the snore line. As a result, the wave and counter-wave combine to form a new sound wave and the two effectively cancel each other out.

What kind of technology does Silent Partner use?

Silent Partner utilizes Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC), which senses the snoring sound and emits a counter sound, to cancel the undesirable one. While ANC technology has been around since 1934, Silent Partner is the first to use it to tackle the snoring sound.  To help clarify, check out this video which was recently sent to our backers, inviting them into our lab to see the technology in action:

Can you explain the sound waves and decibels involved in each wave?

While a person is sleeping, the sound wave emitted is on average around 70dB (decibels). (For your reference, regular speech is around 60 dB). Until now our engineers have been able to lower the sound wave by 9dB. Currently we are working daily to lower it by a total of 17dB. Meaning if a person is wearing their Silent Partner while sleeping, it will emit an average of 53dB. If you would like some more information, feel free to email us at [email protected]

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

The estimated delivery date is October 2017. Silent Partner, as with most products on Indiegogo or other crowdfunding platforms is in the developmental stages. Our engineers are working daily to ensure delivery of our product is as soon as possible.

Will the Silent Partner help with my sleep apnea?

Silent Partner is not a medical device and as is stated on our campaign page, we do not recommend it for those with a medical condition. Future versions may have the ability to sense when a person has stopped breathing and sound an alarm. However, people snore for a variety of reasons and what is universally disturbing is the snoring noise. In the US alone it is estimated that out of the 90M people who snore, almost ⅓ snore unrelated to any medical condition. Silent Partner quiets the snoring noise, so individuals and their partners can have a better night’s sleep.

Why did you make a new design of the SmartMask?

Some backers requested an alternative design for the SmartPatch. They did not like the look of it or felt that adhesive strips directly on their sensitive skin every night, may be an issue. We then came up with the design of the SmartMask. It looks like a regular eye mask, but works as both a light blocker as well as a noise canceller.

How do I choose the color I want for my order?

An email will be sent out offering the different color options and explain how to customize and update your order.

If i move around a lot at night, will the Silent Partner stay on my face?

The Silent Partner SmartPatch has build in adhesive strips that stick directly onto your skin. Each kit comes with a one year supply and the strips need to switched once a month. Additional adhesive strips are available by purchase.

If you have chosen the SmartMask, there will be a string that goes around your head to help it stay over your eyes. It will be the same concept as a typical eye mask that you can buy in a store or are given on an airplane.

Will the SmartMask have the same technology as the SmartPatch does?

The two products have the same technology in them. The only difference is the design and how they are placed on your face.

Does the device emit radiation?

Silent Partner uses only acoustic sound similar to headphones, so there is no radiation.

How long does the battery last?

The device contains a rechargeable hearing aid battery which will last all night. Each morning, simply plug the device into an outlet using a Micro-USB wire like a standard mobile phone charger. Your Silent Partner will be ready to go in about 3 hours. As an added perk, you can also purchase the charging stand. It will help keep less wires around the bedroom and keep your Silent Partner in one safe place, while also being plesent on the eye. The battery will need to be replaced approximately once a year and is easy to replace. Printed instructions for changing the battery will be included in your Silent Partner kit.

Is there a way for the Silent Partner to use wireless charging?

At this time, wireless charging is not an option. It must be charged through a USB cord. One will be provided in your order.

Does Silent Partner come with charger?

The Silent Partner does come with a standard Micro USB cord for charging. Although the Silent Partner charger and stand is offered as an additional perk on our Indiegogo page and highly recommended for your comfort.

I want to change my address. How do I update my order?

To change your shipping address, please contact us [email protected]

How do I contact your customer service department?

Email [email protected] for any inquiry you may have. We will get back to you in a timely manner.

Can I be a beta tester?

At this time we are not looking for beta testers. However, please send an email to [email protected] and we will be sure to save your email should the opportunity open up.

Do you offer refunds if it doesn’t work?

Silent Partner is working to produce a quality product that will undergo several rounds of testing to ensure it is effective and comfortable.


If the product is defective, we will happily replace it. If you are not satisfied with your product for another reason we can not guarantee returns at this time and will handle requests for returns on a case by case basis. Please email [email protected] if any issues arise.